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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. good morning, i am tori campbell, hundreds are
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streaming in to witness -- hundreds of thousands are streaming in to witness the president's inauguration. plus it could be the start of another golden era, they prepare for the super bowl, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, january 21st, dr. martin luther king, jr. day. thank you for joining us, i guess steve says, enjoy the nice weather we are having tomorrow looks like another nice day, very nice around the coast and it does look like we will have more in five minutes, here is sal. traffic is moving along
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well with the 880 split and it looks good if you are driving to the westbound bay bridge, let's go back to the desk. preparations are underway for president barack obama's second inauguration which is now underway and tori campbell is there in washington d.c. where she met up with a family making their first trip, it is pretty exciting to talk to all the people out there, story. >> reporter: it really is, i have been meeting people everywhere and the sun is up and the clouds are still rolling in behind me. it is not quite as cold which is nice. just north of the capital building, it is not just the people rolling in from the metro station but you see quite a bit of media set up as well
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and dwight a few folks doing a lot of reporting from this section of the capital. they have made their visit and they also made a special visit to the search and another person to see that is antonio from antioch. >> he and the family were attended services this morning and as we waited they got in and she took some nice video waving so that was exciting. >> reporter: allan and his wife ben neat it earned a -- allan and his wife were here to soak up the sites especially since
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this is also dr. martin luther king, jr. day. >> i feel so honored to be part of this moment in history and just -- it represents everything that dr. martin luther king, jr. fought for and as an african-american woman, i have been teary eyed ever since i got off the plane. >> both were telling me how much they enjoyed the atmosphere and there is a very positive atmosphere, taking in the history of being here. i have been through a few breast cancer walks. some of the politician i spoke to earlier said this is where you put politics aside and everybody gets together even if it is for 20 minutes. president barack obama is
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waiting for the republican swearing in ceremony -- public swearing in and of course that will be follow by the inaugural address and they are scaling things back just a little bit. reporting live, i am tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up at 6:15, mayor ed lee, we will tell you what he did ahead of time to prepare. and we are following overnight news coming in from san francisco, police are investigating a deadly shooting which happened at 1:00 a.m. not far from geneva -- geneva avenue. alex, i know you spoke to the mother of the victim, what did she say? >> reporter: she is earning anybody to come forward and help police and at this point
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they have a very vague description on that who opened fire on the two. the man killed in the shooting was 43-year-old daniel cologne a father to one son, a man who grew up in the air. relatives said the two men are were walking home from a nearby bar and he was shot in the upper body and police say his injuries are considered non- life threatening. the most man who died is worried about the little boy who lost his father in the shooting. >> he has a beautiful daniel junior who loves his dad very much. that is going to be very hard for him to go on without his
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dad. it is very heartbreaking for us. i still don't believe it. >> reporter: police say the shooter in this case ran away from the scene. he is described as the white or -- as white or hispanic. >> reporter: if you know anything, but a call into san francisco police. police tell us the surviving victim was shot in the lung and remains in icu and the family is hoping he will make a full recovery. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. he arrested a boy and there was an argument between two groups of people which led to a gun battle at the bart bus stop saturday afternoon.
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a 50-year-old bystander was killed and put another person in the hospital with minor injuries. they are back home after that come from behind victory to punch their ticket to the super bowl. the plane touched down at 11:00 15:00 -- 11:15 and players and coaches and family all walked off the plane and they bettered on the street where they made headquarters. a 49ers fan stabbed a falcons fan. the falcons fan punched the 9ers fan and that's when he pulled out a knife and stabbed the falcons fan in the next. he was rushed to a nearby hospital and is reportedly in stable condition.
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49ers fans celebrated the victory. [applauds] [crowd noise] >> now we actually inside the bar as the 49ers clench the nfc and they are going back to the super bowl. the super bowl will be the 49th 6th time but the first in 18 years. while ktvu channel 2 morning news has complete coverage on our website, you can see more about yesterday's game including the interview with coach harbaugh and just go to the website click on the championship tab. >> very nice. you can say that a few times. how is traffic this morning,
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pretty light. we will make it easier to drive wherever it is you are going, 880 westbound and it continues to look good getting to the mcarthur maze and no problems getting up to the bridge and definitely a lot of people have to go but just enough are staying home today. schools are closed and a lot of them are but this is a look at the south bay and we are looking at all green and keep it there if you know what i mean. it will not be bad the rest of the week. the system right there will move closer and we still have enough of an offshore component and temperatures -- component and we have temperatures coast and bay, concord 30, 31 fairfield, 32 san jose, 37 and 46 san francisco and 50 half- moon bay but this system will
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start to turn that easterly breeze more westerly and we could get a few more clouds, mostly sunny and increasing clouds tomorrow, and by wednesday we will cloud it up. a person will come through a stretch of dry weather and we could get more rain, more likely as a system drops in and the first system usually does that. cold lows away from the coast, very mild, away from the breeze, still some upper 50s to near 70 degrees. coast and bay will be the warmest in the santa clara valley, 66 half-moon bay increasing clouds maybe some light rain on wednesday, turning cooler again thursday and it looks like a low can drop in maybe for moderate rain by the weekend. time now 6:11, new developments in the phony girlfriend hoax, two big
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. welcome back, the suspected hoax involving manti te'o is expected to give an interview next week.
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he is described as an a cane with innocence and -- a acquaintance and in the meantime, he will appear on katie couric and it will be his first interview since it was first revealed to be a hoax. in downtown kabul afghanistan, the government says they stormed in shortly before dawn which set off a deadly gun battle which lasted several hours. at one point the attackers set off explosives causing a fire and at least three attackers were killed and several police officers were also hurt. we are learning more about the 15-year-old boy accused of killing his parents and three siblings in their albuquerque kirk home. nehemiah griego has been arrested but the 15-year-old
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frequently dressed in camouflage, was home schooled and had few friends his own age. chaplain greg griego was a volunteer chap plain at the jail as well. president barack obama will have his inauguration in washington d.c. and of course off to your left the camera will pan around in washington d.c. and this is attracting thousands of people and kyla campbell is right there in the middle of everything with a look at all the major events happening in just a couple of hours, good morning, kyla. >> reporter: this morning the first family is at a prayer service and in just two hours from now, the service gets underway behind us and the crowd sure is enjoying that and
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people walking around 5:30 our time they are picking things up and they gave out 250,000 tickets and another 500,000 are along the parade route. among those in the crowd, she won a lottery ticket. >> reporter: this is a historical moment for us all. >> not so much that the president is being sworn in but this is also dr. martin luther king, jr.'s observation day so we are celebrating two historical moments today and i get to be part of it. >> reporter: we are looking at some of the security tents and there are hundreds of people who have tickets and have their bodies searched and between
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d.c. police, 6500 officers will be on hand today. reporting live in washington, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news will bring you live reports from washington d.c. all throughout the morning and wills carry the public swearing in live and we will stream the events on as well as mobile ktvu channel 2 morning news. well this could be the year for a major change in california's population. the hispanic population for the first time may become the biggest group which is expected to equal that. it is due to a declining birth rate and more people are move inginto california. police need your help to find the suspect of a shooting. it happened 2:30 sunday morning.
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when police arrived they found a vallejo man who was shot several times. he is listed in stable condition and anybody with information is asked to call police. getting into any, it is free today. it includes the san francisco maritime park and the newest monument at pinocle and the monument for actress is also -- alcatraz, that is also a great place to tour. >> i am still waiting to go to the woods. everybody has been be may having in the crowds. >> -- behaving in the crowds. we will have allotter than
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normal commute, so a lot are close but you do see some people and this traffic looks good heading out to the maze and the only consolation for having to go to work on a monday is you will not have a bear of a commute trying to get to the bridge. bear bridge toll plaza, by now we have more people and it is light for you getting into san francisco. as you look at silicone valley, 101 northbound still looking good and there are no major slow downs on the freeways. 6:13 let's go to steve. one more day of it. the wind turns east to westerly. it's cold but nothing we have not seen here, inland terms to yours, upper 30s and tonight dipping into the 20s
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and at least is tooks sunny, getting us increasing clouds and most of that will be he held as well 46 san francisco 30 concord, san rafael 39, sunny good to go today and this will be the warmest day of the week, sunny and warm coast and bay, into not as warm, -- sunny not as warm, half-moon bay 66 and increasing clouds and we cloud it up wednesday and we could have light rain and more than likely rain will develop on the weekend. so many things can change apple and sam cunning. it is called the e-peer why and
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it will have a ten inch display and they will roll out but we have not heard the announcement of a price. it was a great weekend for the actress who over powered arnold schwarzenegger, her super natural mama, she also stars in zero dark 30, silverling gangster squad round out the top five. a tragedy in paradise, a birthday trip in hawaii became tragedy, and we will have more on why several beaches are closed. new orleans has been getting ready for months.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:24, the search will continue for a second man who drowned while vacationing in hawaii. they were celebrating 46-year- old adam's birthday when they decided to go into a rocky area with heavy surf. that is when his friend brian
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baker was swept out to sea. >> at that point adam, another friend who was with him tried to save him and he was overcome by the waves as well, so they both drowned. >> adam's body was found and they have been forced to shut down beaches in the area and searchers will continue to look for baker today. san jose sharks locked out the season with a win. they won over the calgary team and the sharks home opener will open when they host the coyotes at the hp pavilion. nobody knew which teams 0 would be at super bowl and that
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has male a lot of pushes for the areas and they all have high hopes for a big economic boost from super bowl week. >> everybody in the city is coming to this place and at least hangs out for a while and buys one appetizer. >> they are expected to attract 15 to thousand people in new orleans and not all of them will have tickets so a lot of them will be there to cheer on their team from the bars and the restaurants of new orleans. now the super bowl in case you i don't know, sunday february 3rd, kickoff is at 3:30 and to find out more about the 49ers and the road to the super bowl, click on the nfc championship which is right there. it is a big day, probably
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lighter traffic is everybody working on bart schedule if. >> yes, a lot of them are working on saturday and sunday schedules and let's look at what we have going on with the commute . like a weekend getting to the 280 interchange and this is southbound passing mission and that looks good all the way to the bottom of the hill. let's go to steve. all right, we have clear skies and that means temperatures continue to be really nice coast and bay but changes that they are brewing, pamela, and i will have more in about ten minutes. coming up, another man is dead and what they are saying this morning. we are live in the south
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pay and we will show you more when pock brock is sworn in for a second term and the bay area will be marching for the area's parade.
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. welcome back, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. january 21st, i am dave clark. because of dr. martin luther king, jr., the markets are closed and we usually bring the opening bell. president barack obama's second term will begin and we are live there taking pictures and you know these folks are taking pictures of what is happening now in the nation's capital getting ready and there are a lot of kids out there.
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you can see it is trailly and these folks with singing as well. people are surrounded including a bay area which is in the inaugural parade. >> reporter: yes, and they are very excited about it and it is a big honor for them. this is a popular spot to take a picture and there is quite a bit of security and you can see the barricades behind me and a few police officers there just to make sure everybody is behaving themselves and everybody seems to be doing that. you can also get through the security gate to get into the seating area for the inn ago racing. -- inauguration. that is the specific gate you need the to enter and you need a gate with that section.
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the president was sworn in on january 20th and when it is on a sunday there is a public ceremony the next day on monday and another public swearing in at the capital and that takes place in just about two hours and then the inaugural address and then the parade down pennsylvania avenue. there will be members of the parade from santa rosa and they explained why this is such a big deal for them. >> we are excited to be able to show this country what canine companions does for people with disabilities. >> reporter: the assistant doing have id us and they will
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be joined by 150,000 people and among the parades is an iraq war veteran receiving especially trained dogs for problems other than blindness. this it will start on this side -- it will start on this side and end up right in front of the white house. now they are at the pentagon getting there d.c. time but they are not going and they have got a long wait ahead of them. everybody seems to be in a good mood and everybody is happy to be taking part and it seems less crowded than it was four years ago. i am tori campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. here are more details so you can follow along.
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the swearing in ceremonies begi 8:00 a.m. pacific time and beyonce will be singing the national anthem. the parade is scheduled to begin at 11:30 testimony -- and we will have another live report. we will area the swears in live and -- swearing in live and we will have it on and mobile it happened not far from geneva avenue and one person was shot and killed and another person was taken to san francisco general hospital and is expected to survive. police are still looking for
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the gunman and alex savage spoke to the mother of the man who was killed and you will hear that heartbreaking interview in the next half hour. police are investigating a suspicious fire which started 1:30 and started in a dumpster and then the flames grew out from there. >> it started in an office with papers and it spread from there. as investigators are trying to figure out -- >> investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. ktvu's janine de la vega is where fans can get their hands on now championship gear, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are in front of the 49ers team store and they are already
6:38 am
selling nfc championship shirts and the super bowl emblem and you can be sure they will be selling a lot of these. they arrived at the airport, players and copes as he team made their way to the falcons, the team had a rough first half and was down by 17 points, but frank gore scored two touchdowns and the 49ers won 28- 24, coach jim harbaugh had lots of praise for the runningback. >> i believe they will be in the hall of fame some day and he is one of the greatest competitors i have ever met. tremendous performance by frank. >> reporter: now the team is headed to new orleans to play against the baltimore ravens and that team is coached by the
6:39 am
older brother john and two brothers will be facing off on what some are calling harbaugh bowl. tickets start at 21 $100 and we even found one going to the 50- yard seat. you will hear what he said to his teammates just before the win. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. well about a dozen people were arrested after fans spilled on to the streets following the 49ers big victory. this is the scene in the mission district late last night yesterday shortly after the thrilling victory in the nfc championship game. they took people of the people
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into the public but police did everything following the world series in the fall. for more click on the nfc championship tab with coach harbaugh and team players. >> some good stuff to check out. time now 6:38 is now a good time to ride on 880. >> you will find a lot of the areas doing well and traffic begins to look got a and if you are driving it should be a nice drive for you. bart is on a saturday schedule and keep that in mind if you are taking bart anywhere, most areas are on a weekend system and parking will be enforced in
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san francisco when it comes to meters read all the signs and in oakland meters are not being enforced. we are looking at the maps this morning just to see the road sensors and it is not here or on the peninsular, it looks good as well. still an offshore breeze for us, that means inn all racing forecast. we have it combed temperatures and automatic the precipitation will stay to the north and for us, the cold air if it is inland it will be where is it is very mild and a half moon bay 50s and low 30s in san
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rafael, napa airport 38 and that's because of an easterly breeze. system will hold off until tomorrow when we get increasing clouds and sunny mild to warm, offshore one more day and it will turn more westerly, more clouds and cooler than anything else. but our cloud rain forecast gives us more on tuesday and watch what happens as they try to payment them north. that will be the end result but it will be a lot of cloud tore. it looks good and by the coast near 60 degrees and capitoa and santa rosa 65, novato is in there, gilroy pushing 67. it looks cooler towards the end of the week. time now 6:41, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day and
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several buildings will be closed for the king holiday. federal and state court and most banks and credit unions will be closed and no mail will be delivered today. parking immediaters in san francisco will be lost. among them the annual freedom train and a celebration called sewing the seeds of piece and that grins at the center -- begins at the center and they will restore the mlk shoreline. more people are dead after the raid hostage situation in algeria. the details that brought the four day standoff to an end. stay tuned for more on that.
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and the buy back program was so popular they need raise cash and we will tell you what they are doing now to keep guns off the street. good morning, traffic continues to look good getting out to 880 and we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. clear skies, still an offshore breeze, temperatures lots of sunshine and we will have changes more on that coming up. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 6:45, these are live pictures from washington d.c. and they are really getting ready for the public inauguration. beautiful pictures, i don't know who that singer is but she is singing and singing for many others and president barack obama and his family just arrived back at the white house and they are ahead of the big inn rug racing -- inauguration ceremony which is in about two hours and there is a lot of pomp and circumstance there and the prays will be sworn in and
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an estimated tori campbell is there for this morning's inn rug racing. -- inn rug racing. >> -- inauguration. police are investigating a shooting, one person was shot and killed. another person was shot and rushed to san francisco general hospital and is expected to survive. and the champion 49ers, they are back here in the bay area and they are headed to the super bowl. they mounted the biggest come back in nfc exam von ship -- championship to beat atlanta falcons 28-24. they are at a popular buy back and the police department will be collecting old guns in just a few hours, tara? >> reporter: well the last time each person got $200 for each
6:49 am
gun they brought in and the success of that was so strong no cash will be handed out. the county don'ted out 43,000 dollars in exchange for guns and ran out of money and now they need to raise 60,000 guns. this is a gun surrender and last year 827 guns were turned in and we have no idea what the turnout will be today. they wanted to do something for the community in the wake of  the newtown connecticut sandy hook tragedy and that means if you have a gun in your drawer or garage and you just don't want it anymore, this surrender runs until 8:00 at night and we will of course be here and let you know how it turns out. live in the valley, ktvu channel 2 morning news. algeria's prime minister
6:50 am
says, at least 37 foreign workers were killed after being held hostage at a natural gas plant. the four day siege ended when special forces stormed the facility and at least 32 militants were killed and one hostage was an american. they are leading the investigation into a fatal car crash last night in antioch. it handed out side of an industrial building on wilbur avenue. a speeding red sedan smashed over a fence and rolled over several times. one person believed to be the driver was pronounced dead and there is still no word on what led to that crash. they will soon have a new tenants, the town school for boys plans to leave the school while the school is being renovated. they left to pier 15 and according to the chronicle it
6:51 am
will cost 42,000 dollars a non rent that space. >> i can't wait until it opens again. >> sal is back watching our commute, do you see anything out there? >> i think we will be very happy with what we see as we look at the biggest once where we are now have some sort of traffic and it is making it easier for many and this is a look from san francisco and 101 is looking good. bart is on a saturday schedule and make sure you check your meters and san francisco is enforcing parking meters but oakland is not. 101 and 280 is still looking good on the peninsular, let's go to steve. coast and bay looks really nice and changes will start
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with more of a westerly wind and it is being held in check. lows are all over the place and it is cold in many locations as well. even fso 40s oakland 41 and oakland 33 and 34. san jose 37 mountain view 36 and san rafael 37. we have a little bit of a component and that's where the direction of the wind is coming from. today will be the warmest day of the week no doubt about it as we start to see increasing clouds by wednesday. cold lows away from the coast and a light breeze at the surface but it is a little bit stronger, anywhere from upper 50s to lower 70s. increasing clouds, it looks like some light rain will make it in here and i don't think it
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will amount too much although there is no consensus. we have an expanding investigation on a troubled aircraft, new information about the jets
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, 654 is the. they have ruled out the problem on the dreamliner. there was no excess voltage to spark the fire which is what they first thought it was and now they have turned to the battery charge are. the makers are cooperating with the investigation and in the meantime all 787s remain grounded. they are getting ready to say goodbye to an officer shot in the line of duty. police say he got into a struggle with a burglary suspect. services are scheduled at adventure christian church in roseville. the honor flag was first displaced at ground zero
6:57 am
shortly after 9/11. it was at an apartment building this one here on california street. the crews had the flames under control in 90 minutes but that building has major damage. still no word on when the fires started. a source of the football league said he has high doubts that assaults will be held against michael crabtree. the allegation is that he sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room. he has cooperated with police and he was never booked or charged and a second female witness has backed up crabtree's version of the story. sacramento kings are a big step towards heading north towards seattle. the family where jones is 6 5% of the team has agreed to go
6:58 am
through the entire share and has money to build a new arena. they can present a counteroffer and the teams have until march 1st to move. 24 of the world's best surfers faced off against each other and the waves and about 30,000 people poured into half- moon bay. this year's viewing was limited to a festival behind the ocean hotel. >> it has worked out well. >> some spectators say the new viewing was even better when trying to catch it with ben objecting lars. -- catch it with spectacles.
6:59 am
you can just click on the mavericks tab for more information. we are doing well and you will be happy when you see the toll plaza and it is nice and light and looks like a weekend day. if you are driving on the peninsular, 101 and 280 are looking being good and we will go to the maps and you can see for yourself. let's go to steve. cold morning to some away from the coast and that system looks like changes and we will have mornings on 2 sunny and warm, especially coast and bay. we have a countdown to president barack obama's public swearing in ceremony and we will have more from the nation's capital up next.


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